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The Information Commissioner is the independent officer appointed to oversee the Freedom of Information and Privacy provisions of the Information Act.  The Commissioner is also appointed as the Commissioner for Public Interest Disclosures and has responsibility for the implementation of the Public Interest Disclosure Act
Contact us for FOI, privacy or to blow the whistle on improper conduct in NT public bodies.
These are our values.

What We Do

The functions of the Office of the Information Commissioner relate to Northern Territory public sector organisations, including local government.
We do not cover Commonwealth organisations or the private sector.

Our Role

The two main functions of the Information Commissioner are to:
  • Promote understanding and awareness of FOI and Privacy in the community and the public sector;
  • Deal with complaints about breaches of privacy and about FOI decisions made by public sector organisations (from 1 July 2004).

Our Commissioner

Brenda Monaghan is the Information Commissioner, as well as the Commissioner for Public Interest Disclosures.  Both are independent roles with their own separate area and staff.

Complaints in relation to the conduct of Office of the Information Commissioner can be made directly to the Commissioner via email brenda.monaghan@nt.gov.au



The main function of the Commissioner for Public Interest Disclosures is to independently investigate information about corruption and improper conduct within Northern Territory public bodies.   See http://www.blowthewhistle.nt.gov.au/ for full details about Public Interest Disclosures (Whistleblowers).


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News and Events

3 – 9 May 2015

More information available soon

It is Privacy Awareness Week this week and the theme for 2015 is Privacy everyday.  Most of us don’t value our privacy until it is breached and then it is too late to do anything but count the cost. The theme reminds us that privacy protections should be an essential component of everyday life at home and in business.

Our friends at the Department of Housing have come up with some fantastic ways to celebrate Privacy Awareness Week within their department.

Click the links to see their ideas:

Schedule for Inclusion ( PDF 154KB )

APPA and Privacy Awareness Week ( PDF183KB )

What are others doing to celebrate Privacy Awareness Week? Some interesting links below:





During Privacy Awareness Week, take the time to consider your privacy risks and makes some changes to protect yourself and others you are responsible for. If you need advice, ring us on 1800 005 610

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